• 2023 | Documentary | 43', 52' | Italy, Germany

Food markets – In the belly of the city Season 5

Dijon – Les Halles de Dijon
Ljubljana – Central Market
Hamburg – Isemarkt
Venice – Rialto Market
IN THE BELLY OF … THE CITY explores the Rialto market in Venice leading us through the entire Venetian lagoon, with its giant vegetables and juicy fruit; the Ljubljana central market bringing us to the cherry orchards and the Piran salt plateau at an hour’s drive from Slovenia’s capital; Hamburg’s Isemarkt which guides us through the Altländer in Lower Saxony and the cabbage centre of Europe in the Schleswig-Holstein region. And from the 18th-century steel construction of the Halles in Dijon we discover the popular and famous foods of Burgundy. 
From the regions to our table through the markets.
Stefano Tealdi
Stefilm International in co-production with Filmproduktion and ZDF, in collaboration with ARTE and RSI

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